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Spearhead of all the excursions in the Dominican Republic! History, culture, natural pools, beaches, turtles, fishermen's village, lobsters and above all lots of sea. We will take you on fast boats to discover one of the most beautiful islands in the whole Caribbean.

We will observe the places where the Taino lived, we will toast with our vitamin R to the natural swimming pools observing closely the giant starfish, we will stop at the Canto De La Playa, we will walk for the typical fishermen village of Mano Juan, we will eat at our private beach with buffet all prepared by us all with unlimited drinks throughout the excursion!

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The excursion to the Saona Island is absolutely a "must" and one of the most requested excursions for those visiting the Dominican Republic.

The excursion we offer will let you discover pristine beaches and a rare beauty, a real "Caribbean Paradise" where white beaches formed by millennia of coral erosion, dream palm groves meet in crystal clear waters.

With our private transport included in the price (from Punta Cana you can buy our taxy service), we will pick you up from your resort to meet us at 08.00 am at our agency where our launch will take you on an unforgettable excursion.

Departure is scheduled at about 8.30am from the Dominicus public beach, just 2 minutes from the main resorts. On board our Rapida launch with two 250-horsepower engines we will take you to true corners of Paradise where you can admire the Peñon (Grotte Taine), the mangroves, the famous natural pools, the beach of CANTO DE LA PLAYA, and the typical village of Mano Juan fishermen the only inhabited pueblo of the whole island of Saona.

Our journey will begin with a quick stop at Peñon (Grotte Taine), where a guide from the Parque Nacional del Este will explain everything you need to know about the park, its morphology, its habitat, its flora and fauna. We will continue our excursion to the mangroves, to show you and explain these wonders of nature. finally the time has come, the natural pools, we will stop about 500/1000 meters from the coast in a stretch of sea where the water is about 50 cm high, here we will stop for about an hour accompanied by Caribbean / Latin American music and we will do the Dominican toast using our open bar equipped with coca cola, Dominican ron, sprites and water, you can swim. Abandon the natural pools we will head towards the beach of the Canto de la playa, we will be among the first to arrive so as to make you truly enjoy one of the most enchanting places in the whole Dominican Republic. two-hour stop where we will give you a small aperitif always equipped with an open bar and you will have time to relax. Resuming navigation, the next stop will be at the village of Mano Juan, a small fishing village where about 300 people live all year round. We will visit the Village and its colorful houses, the turtle nursery which, if we are lucky and the eggs present have hatched (there are periods of the year in which it will not be possible due to the normal reproduction cycle) you can observe the newborn baby turtles. We will then continue to visit the rest of the village and its local market, after which we will have lunch in our private beach of Mano Juan where there is a small house of our property equipped with a bathroom and a shower to shake.

In the afternoon, after having lunch and being relaxed, we will continue navigating back to the natural pools, passing over the GIANT STARS desk, to allow you to admire and photograph them, after which we will go away a little to make our last toast and snorkel to photograph the starfish, only in the water and without ever touching them (it is forbidden and above all we would hurt them), normally the stop is about an hour, but nobody forbids us to stop as much as we want. Around 17.00 / 17.30 we will return to the public beach of the dominicus, where it will end our excursion

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